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No Thanks! Mr Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker, it's time to turn this log over and see what crawls out, exposing harassment and cover-up!

published 16th May 2018 .

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My name is Christopher Ellery, I worked as a conservation and wildlife filmmaker, clients BBC CountryFile, Channel 4 Wild Things, producing multiple films for Plantlife patron HRH The Prince of Wales. and producing a high-profile campaign film in 2015 for the Macular Society endorsed by the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron.


5th June 2018 Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker, making headlines across the world with his sexist comments, when asked can a women ever run your Airline! CEO replied"that only a man can run his airline!" after boos from the reporters at IATA Conference in Sydney he apologised stating "I was only referring to one individual and not the staff in general"
 website was created and published on 16th May 2018 exposing the harassment and hate campaign by Qatar Airways Head of Communication Informed UK Police of harassment, Police Crime Ref No 5217275863, 7th Dec 2017, then contacted Qatar Airways 21st Dec 2017 with evidence of harassment and asking for support in a legal case for defamation, was then directly covered up by Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar Al Baker, then fraudulently changing dates of employment and job description to cover up harassment, promoted my harasser to a more senior position within his airline, who was now appointed to personally travel and accompany CEO Akbar on all media interview and live event around the world, writing his speeches, CEO endorsed the actions of my harasser and rewarded her WHY?


3 year hate campaign endangered the life of my wife and young children by doxxing my family home on Twitter, a Twitter platform used to promote Qatar Airways and her senior position at Qatar Airways, fabricating having a court order against me on Twitter, contacting my customers through Twitter by catfishing them to believe that she was a victim smearing my name and reputation with lies, multiple fake reviews appearing online designed to smear my name and reputation. for CEO Akbar to cover this up speaks volumes of the contents of his character. to cover up harassment, Head of Communication job description heading all Qatar Airways social media campaigns by creating content and stories online from Head Office in Doha, Qatar, basically having the skill set and resources to promote or destroy reputations with her team of professional keyboard warriors at Qatar Airways to create an industrial-level troll factory, 

22nd June 2018 Legal letter by Brett Wilson LLP, using deliberate lies, intimidation, and coercion to silence a victim of harassment. exposes how deep this cover-up by Qatar Airway and Qatar Gas, both owned by the State of Qatar and being accused of sponsoring terrorism, 15th July 2018 family home was broken into taking computers, laptops and hard drives, UK police were powerless to help due to harasser living in Doha, Qatar, UK with police forensics involved Crime No:5218158119. I made the decision to take down the website

In Feb 2019 I learned for the first time of Qatar Airways CEO sexist comments and claimed he was only referring to one individual at his airline, which made international headlines. this was due to another headline that got my attention Jeff Bezos publishing a website exposing email and wrongdoing , I relooked at my harassment and found these headlines, 8 months earlier.

6th June 2018
in a heartfelt apology for his sexist comments, Qatar CEO says he was only referring to one individual and not the staff in general at Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways CEO apologizes after saying it takes a man to do his job (

Gwyn Topham, wrote 5th June 2018 

The Guardian

Qatar Airways chief says only a man could do his job | Airline industry | The Guardian


 also learned that in Oct 2018 Qatar Airways, CEO had a 10 min interview on CNN, talking about Qatar being the victim, cover-ups and America looking the other way. In the interview CNN did not discuss his sexist comments or the individual he was referring to, when on 8th June 2018 I was in email communication with CNN exposing the harassment and cover-up by Qatar Airways CEO. Exposing CNN's journalistic standard putting profit over truth to protect the interest of Qatar Airways who have financed CNN since 2003, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker regularly appearing on CNN for 20 years.

In March 2021 in communication with The Guardian Gwyn Topham, who was made aware of cover-up, and intimidation to silence a victim of harassment but The Guardian chose to stay silent, exposing corruption within the media.


Due to the nature of the cover-up and the powerful organisation involved.

Re-published website 5th April 2021

Lays out all email communication evidence of the harassment and intimidation.


Before re-publishing this website contacted Brett Wilson LLP for comment concerning new evidence, rather than condemn the action of their clients and offer full support for justice. Update: 1st May 2022 Brett Wilson LLP has ignored all communication.


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